Then someone would start to testify, shouting and tearing up, speaking in tongues, with those fans going crazy all around and people running up and down the aisle – just running back and forth with other people shouting, praising the Lord and the preacher gathering up all that spiritual energy and throwing it back out on the people. Women would have to go to hospital sometimes, they got so transported.

–Nina Simone



This blog has been set up to accompany my book Nina Simone (Equinox, 2013). It consists of extracts from the book alongside additional materials and interpretations of some of the hundreds of performances Nina Simone left behind.

I’m a writer, teacher and cultural theorist based in Brighton (UK). My previous book was on the Portuguese ‘national music’, fado:  Fado and the Place of Longing: Loss, Memory and the City (Ashgate, 2010). That book also had a blog, which can be found here. I have also published articles and reviews on a number of topics, including popular music, literature, consciousness, memory, nostalgia, place and space, affect, language and technology. More information and samples of my work can be found here and here.

2018 update: I stopped updating this site in 2013 while working on other projects, later incorporating the material I would have put here to my main site Late Voice. However, noticing that this site still gets a good number of views, I’ve decided to post Simone-related material here on an occasional basis. Another update to the ‘About’ section: I’m now based back in Newcastle upon Tyne, home of Simone-inspired rock group The Animals.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Nice writing about Nina….just curious: who plays bongos on My Way? It really rocks! Thanks! Jan

    • Thanks for the comment Jan. The percussionist is not credited on the album sleeve unfortunately, so I’m not sure. I would hazard a guess at Don Alias as he had been playing in Nina’s band in the years leading up to this album’s release and had played on the previous album To Love Somebody.

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